SideSandwich Paper Co. | Handmade Greeting Cards starring a rad Boston Terrier

Tonight's Top News Story: Chicago comic and Dog make handwritten Greeting Cards! (that's us)

I am a comedy writer in Chicago that loves to laugh, dance freely to any punk rock available and hang out with my dog, Bandit.
I always wanted to have a greeting card line because from an early age, I loved how special they can be. I might have every one that my mom ever gave me. She always underlined JUST the right words and added in the most beautiful messages.
I wanted to continue on that path and encourage people to send more mail, send more love to the world, and let their feelings out. I work on this part time out of a studio in my own place and look forward to the day that this can be my full time job---my intent is so simply make more people smile with each card and let those smiles ripple into the universe.
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Follow Bandit and his adventures on IG at @sidesandwich
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