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Tonight's Top News Story: Chicago comic and Dog make handwritten Greeting Cards! (that's us)

I always wanted to have a greeting card line because from an early age, I loved how special they can be. I might have every one that my mom ever gave me. She always underlined JUST the right words and added in the most beautiful messages.The original tag line of my shop was: Handmade Greeting Cards from a Nerd and her Boston Terrier----Folded Funny. 
My dog Bandit had a smile that was a just a magnet for joy and love. He pushed and motivated me to start my little Greeting Card business and follow my dreams. I wanted to make cards that would encourage people to send more love to the world, send more smiles into the universe, let any person that doesn't think that they are enough--show them they are everything. I just wanted to help spread joy to others. Maybe it's hard to find the words you need sometimes, maybe one my awkward cards could help speak for you. 
I wanted to continue on that path and encourage people to send more mail, send more love to the world, and let their feelings out. I work on this part time out of a studio in my own place and look forward to the day that this can be my full time job---my intent is so simply make more people smile with each card and let those smiles ripple into the universe. 
Thank you for checking out our shop! Follow Bandit and his adventures on IG at @sidesandwich
S & B

With that and massively broken, heavy heart:Nov 16-19 2017 were the worst days of my life. In the course of two days Bandit was found to have an aggressive malignant brain tumor, moving swiftly towards his beautiful eyes. In two days, cancer took my dog from me. He was here and now he's gone. I'm broken, my heart is in so much pain. Bandit, you have been my best friend, my sidekick, my savior, my motivator, my muse, and my greatest little love. Being your momma was my favorite thing about life. I can't fathom in this moment what life will ever be without you, but I do know there will be love. I understand love now, because of you. You are the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. I was so blessed to have you in my life.Tom and I just wanted to extend love and thanks to any and everyone that loved Bandit, spoke kind words about him or smiled because he existed. He will be in my heart forever. I will continue to pursue my dream, knowing Bandit would want it that way, but I wish he could be with me right now. I plan to lose myself in art, let my emotions lead to creation and spread the world of love. It's just really to a need to encourage people to love more. 
Be kind. Protect the environment and seek truth.
 thank you.